Carrier Interconnects Management
Inter-carrier invoicing represents one of the biggest sources of accounts payable and the incredibly complex world of inter-carrier billing and settlement provides a hotbed of opportunities for billing errors and revenue loss.

Manual processes no longer can satisfactory address this level of complexity in which Carriers now operate and therefore adequate systems are required to handle the interconnects provisioning, inventory, invoicing and cost management.

TeleCompass Software System

A comprehensive, easy-to-use and modular software platform for end-to-end Carrier interconnects management. It has been designed to facilitate, streamline and effectively manage the Provisioning, Inventory, Invoicing and Cost Management of inter-carrier connections, circuits and services provided by a multitude of Carriers.

TeleCompass Features & Benefits
  • End-to-End, Provisioning-to-Pay Carrier Interconnects management solution
  • Brings Interconnects management efficiency & effectiveness thru end-to-end automation
  • Enables Interconnects Inventory and Visibility over related telecom cost
  • Facilitates tracking, analysis & dispute management of Inter-Carrier charges
  • Enables significant Interconnects cost reduction thru billing errors detections
  • Integrates with your existing systems (OSS/BSS, AP etc) and processes
  • Enables sound operational management thru accurate informational reporting
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