Managed Services & Solutions Overview

In the competitive Global Telecom Industry, operators are faced with various challenges such as customer retention, fierce competition and dropping Revenue Per User (RPU), provide enhanced coverage and availability, keep operational costs lower and continuously investigate and invest in new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and trends.

All of this comes with huge financial commitments for people and technology. In todays mobile world, human resource is in huge shortage worldwide and acquiring the talent requires Global reach, understanding and finances. Another challenge is to keep the human resource trained and retained for longer period of time where the developing markets are willing to pay much higher costs for the same talent.

Onebestsolutions experienced industry leadership understands these challenges very well and has acquired fairly good understanding of the Global market needs and challenges faced by our customers. With our strong commitment to the Telecom industry, we are determined to providing low cost solutions for various tasks throughout the Life Cycle of telecom Engineering and Operations.

Our services are based on leveraging our human resource pool from various markets in North America, Europe, Middle East/Africa and South East Asia , industry knowledge and collaborations with our various partners  and physical presence in various regions. As an example an RF Planning and Optimization service in North America may be provided with a combination of resources and expertise from two or three physically diverse locations in Middle East/South East Asia. One of our biggest advantage is the in house recruitment team that is mature and established for years by serving our international customers.

Onebestsolution leadership sees endless opportunities of providing cost efficient and quality services to our clients in the areas of Planning, Engineering, Optimization, Project Management and Network Operations (Field and NOC). We are currently engaged in most of these areas with our world renowned customers who are the leading Telecom operators or the vendors of the international repute. Please contact our Managed Services Solutions Team today.

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Managed Services & Solutions Overview
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