Reasons of Excellence

We Deliver Quality People
Onebestsolution was established by industry professionals to fill the gap in providing professional and reliable people to the Telecom and Wireless industry. We have developed a strong understanding and presence in our areas of expertise. Through our various partnerships with leading global and regional resume engines and our extensive professional network, we have access to the best and brightest people from the industry and around the world.

We Keep Our Prices Competitive
Onebestsolution offers the best value for your investment. Our competitive pricing ensures you operate within budget. You will not have to pay a premium on advertising or hiring professionals. You only pay for the expertise you need, when you need it.

Excellent Client Service
Onebestsolution is known in our industry for its excellent client service. We conduct regular formal and informal sessions with our clients to show our appreciation and obtain feedback on our people. We have designated client appreciation events throughout the year. We believe these events help us to improve the client experience.

Risk-Free Hiring
Hiring full-time employees can be costly. With Onebestsolution, you can give our candidate a "try before you buy, risk-free. If youve found a good match, you can convert the consultant to your payroll. If the match is less than perfect, well find a qualified replacement at no extra cost to you.

We Provide HR and Administrative Services
Our Human Resources and Administrative Services offer you the advantages of being an employer with none of the disadvantages. You continue to select employees, control pay rates, and set schedules. Onebestsolution takes care of the paperwork: accounting, payroll and any HR issues. Onebestsolution limits your potential liability while saving you time and money.

Our Qualified Database
Our database contains thousands of pre-qualified and experienced consultants including those with hard to find technical skills. With access to an international database, were able to search large geographical areas to find you the right candidates quickly.

You Dont Pay for "Down Time"
Billing is based on the hours logged on the employees timesheet and approved by you. When the work is done, the consultant is done too. This keeps your costs down and reduces your unemployment insurance reserves. Plus, you dont have to pay for sick days, holidays, or vacations.

Our Expertise
Onebestsolution's core team members have extensive industry background. Our recruitment teams are continuously engaged in ongoing training programs to ensure they have adequate background on the relevant technology ensuring best talent for your company.

Our Flexibility
At Onebestsolution, we understand projects and work assignments may finish ahead of schedule and the importance of companies having the flexibility to help keep employment expenditures to a minimum. We understand. No penalty, no questions asked.

Excellent Employee Relationship
We periodically conduct employee satisfaction surveys and our Account Managers stay in contact with each of our consultants to maintain an excellent working relationship. We go out of our way to make our employees feel valued by regularly having appreciation events through out the year and making sure their concerns are met in a timely manner. 

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