Community Involvement

Our commitment to the communities in which we live and work is motivated by our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and our desire to be a good neighbour. Therefore OneBestSolution! is committed to fulfilling it's role as a responsible citizen and believes in giving something back to the communities in which it operates. Below are some of our ongoing Community Involvement initiatives:

OneBestSolution! Children Sponsorship Program
OneBestSolution! believes that every single child in the World is entitled to such basic necessities as Clean Water, Nutritious Food, Health Care, Educational Opportunities and Spiritual Nurture. To support the efforts of various humanitarian organisations to provide these necessities to those who need them, under this program OneBestSolution! holds charity dinners to promote this cause.


Educational Excellence, Innovation & Professional Development Support
In this increasingly knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy, education is a key success factors for young people around the world. To help this new generation succeed in the marketplace, OneBestSolution! is eager to share its expertise, knowledge and experience it acquired over the years in Telecommunications and Wireless Industry.

To this end, OneBestSolution! is organizing, on a case-by-case basis and in partnership with Colleges and Universities Professional Development Seminars, Industry Overviews, Presentations, Technology Training and Business Internship Opportunities to qualified students and graduates.





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