Why Choose Onebestsolution

At Onebestsolution, we understand that a happy employee is a productive employee and we believe that positive employee relations are fundamental to foster a mutually-rewarding relationship.

Onebestsolution employees understand and appreciate the advantage of being able to take part in a broad range of benefits and programs.  They know that our positive employment practices are what differentiates Onebestsolution from our competitors, and adds value to the employment relationship.

Health & Dental Benefits
All full time permanent Onebestsolution employees are invited to participate in a comprehensive Health and Dental Benefits plan.  The group health plan is administered by one of North Americas leading service providers, and allows our employees the opportunity to benefit from health and dental coverage that may otherwise not be financially viable.

Insurance Programs
There are several personal insurance options available for employees, including Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and so forth. In addition, all employees and contract workers have accident and illness coverage on behalf of the company, through various provincial regulatory Health and Safety boards.

International Provisions
All employees who participate in the Health and Dental Benefits or Insurance Program have coverage that extends internationally, so they can safeguard themselves during times of personal or work-required travel.

Employee Profit Sharing
Profit Sharing is an incentive-based compensation program designed to award employees a percentage of the companys profits.  A comprehensive Employee Profit Sharing Plan has assisted positive employee relations as well as providing a retention aid for key employees.  This plan has been beneficial for group norm development, organizational identification, and the internalization of our companys goals.

Employee Incentives
There are various incentive programs to foster employee creativity and dedication, such as a reward incentive for Bright Ideas that are of benefit to the company.

Employee Appreciation
We believe that it is important for employees to know that we value their contributions! Onebestsolution regularly hosts events to encourage employee interaction and boost morale. Such special invents include: Pizza Days & Employee Luncheons, Annual Golf Tournament, Family Day (employee picnic), Holiday Celebration Party. Employees are also recognized for their unique characteristics or contributions through the auspices of: Birthday Cards or Celebrations, Service Awards & Recognition, Retirement Recognition.
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Why Choose Onebestsolution
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