Job Seekers FAQs

Why work with a consulting and staffing firm?
We are a great resource for people doing a job search. We work in tandem with our clients as well as our candidates to help with the screening and interviewing process.

We help the individual with proper interviewing preparation, give guidance and information regarding each interview detailing the entire interviewing process. Knowing the inside track of the different companies' needs and wants makes the interviewing process for the individual much less frightening.

Will I be Charged a Fee?
No. Our service is entirely free to job seekers. Companies who partner with us to find talented employees pay for the service.

What is Onebestsolution's Screening Process?
Each candidate meets with our recruitment advisors for an interview to clarify skills, abilities and career goals. Appropriate skills are tested and references are checked.

Who are your Clients?
Our clients are located in Canada and Internationally. We represent Fortune 500 companies, serving the Telecom and Wireless industries.

What Types of Positions do you Fill?
We specialize in the Telecommunications and Wireless sectors. Within those specialized sectors, we place professionals at all levels.

How Long do the Assignments Last?
The length of the assignment varies according to our client company's needs. Some are short-term; some are long-term. The companies we support may offer first-, second- or third-shift opportunities. We work to match the right person with the right job, so if you require long-term assignments with 40-hour workweeks, then we'll strive to put you in that type of assignment.

How and When am I Paid?
Contract employees are paid bi-weekly by PeopleLogic, based on the number of hours worked and the position's pay rate. Direct placement employees are paid in accordance with our client company's payroll policies.
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Job Seekers FAQs
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