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Onebestsolution Inc designs solutions with a unified approach for IT and security operations. As a system Integrator we work closely with our registered and certified partners to bring you One Best Solution that is ideal for your environment their needs and it is an integrated solution designed and customized to client’s suitability. Each of our solution not only ensures physical security but is also cyber secure, integrating best practices to ensure a balance between security protection, performance, administration and cost. Building on a secure IT infrastructure. Our solutions can be implemented very easily. Our solutions are Innovative, robust and scalable. Our security solutions are equally good for all sensitive locations where security is of primary importance.
1 - Converged Multiple Services Solution
This solution allows an operator to offer multiple services to their customers. All these services are converged into a single account. This is primarily a B2C (Business to Consumer) solution.
2 - Carrier Interconnect Solution
This solution allows an operator to Interconnect with other operators. It contains both network Interconnect and billing settlements part.
3 - Call Control & Switching Solutions
This is a suite of products that offer softswitches and related technologies for VoIP providers.
  Converged Multiple Services Solution
  Carrier Interconnect Solution
  Call Control & Switching Solutions
  Billing & AAA Products
  Wireless Products
  Access Control Products:
  Power Supply – Gravity DVS-610
  Electric Power Supplies
  Power Supply – Gravity DVS-610