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We also incorporate various network cameras into our solutions. They can alert you to developing situations and help you make smart decisions about operations and resource allocation. This Data acquisition can also be integrated to your systems; 1- Fixed box cameras 2- Modular Cameras 3- Positioning cameras 4- Thermal cameras 5-Fixed bullet cameras 6- Fixed Dome cameras 7- PTZ Cameras 8- Panoramic Cameras 9- Network Cameras 10- IP Cameras 11- Explosion protected cameras 12- Onboard cameras 13- Key pad access controls 14- BMS related products 15- Solar panels and related accessories 16- Datacenter related equipment and products
1 - Power Supply – Gravity DVS-610
Our Gravity DVS-600 series Power supplies come in various configurations. The most durable and widely used for CCTV and Access control System is Gravity DVS-610. see attached Data sheet.
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  Power Supply – Gravity DVS-610
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  Power Supply – Gravity DVS-610